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Surf in Camariñas

Summer is coming and you want your children to do some sport wherever you go. Around the Hotel Nuevo Parranda there are numerous activities that your children or even you adults can do. One of them is surfing. Surfing in Camariñas along the virgin beaches of the Costa da Morte is an unforgettable experience.

You can learn from the smallest to the oldest. These beaches are practically virgin beaches where you can surf magnificent waves that come from the Atlantic directly to Camariñas.

With the UBUNTU Life school, you will be able to enjoy these wonderful landscapes, waves and nature at the same time that you exercise, staying healthy during the summer despite all the ice creams that are eaten.

Come to the Hotel Nuevo Parranda and we will make you a surf package with the UBUNTU Life school so that you can fully enjoy its beaches and the Atlantic sea.

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